Friday, June 3, 2011

All About Feather Extensions

When I first looked up feather extensions I didn't know what to think. I honestly thought... oh geez I'm gonna look like Ke$ha or Pocahontas if I get them but, I knew I wouldn't be able to resist. My lovely friend Tiffani put them in for me. :-) You can check her out at Tiffani's Mirror

How to Pick the Right Color/Style for You
One thing that I really wanted to keep in mind was how my feather extensions were going to work for me day to day.  I'm a retail manager so I have to talk to A LOT of different folks through out the day. I figured getting lime green or magenta feather extensions would just be too unprofessional for my work environment. However, if you are young and don't think you'll be going to any big events in the near future than by all means  go for the fun colors!!  It really just depends on your life style and personal styling.

Here are my color recommendations based on hair color
  • Red Hair
    • Natural: Go for the natural yellows... would compliment you very well
    • Fun: green or blue would look absolutely gorgeous!!
  • Black Hair
    • Natural:  If you see my picture above those are pretty much the only colors I'd recommend. The nice orange/red blends in nicely with your hair. Even the white has black in it so it doesnt stick out too much. I would look for natural colored feathers that have black mixed in.
    • Fun: You know whats great about black hair?? Every color looks good against it. I think bright reds, bright turquoise, and vivid purples look the best.
  • Blonde Hair
    • Natural: I recommend going with something that is straw colored that may have some brown mixed in. I also think that the lighter orange ones 
    • Fun: PINK!!! Blondies, the pink feather extensions look the best on you. I also really love the way that the turquoise look as well.
  • Brown Hair
    • Natural: Any natural toned feather would look great in brown hair. I recommend the redish orange  feathers the most though. They are nice a rich and will play off brown nicely.
    • Fun: Green, Teal, & Purple would be your best choices.
Where to put in your extension?
  • This can be VERY tricky. One of the reasons being is that once you start washing and styling your feather it may not continue to hang straight down so you have to worry about being able to work with it on days that you don't necessarily want to fix your hair. So think about that before you put it in your bang area or on the very top.
  • If you have thinner hair I DO NOT advise that you put your feather extension close to the top of your head. I would put it in a spot that it could easily blend in. That way your micro link doesn't make any unwanted appearances or if your extension seems to poke out a lot; it will be easier to hide. 
The Process: How to attach and remove a feather extension
micro crimp bead loader and padded stainless steel pliers: Feather extension tool kit for salons
Its actually VERY easy.  All the stylist does is take a very small chunk of hair and loop a micro link around the root. Once they position the feather inside of the micro link they take special pliers and clamp down. That is it!! This process could literally take less than 5 minutes.

Removing the feather extension is even easier. The stylist just takes the same pliers used to clamp down the micro link and clamps down on the micro link on the non flat sides.  That in turn causes the clamp to open and the feather extension to slide out.... SUPER EASY.

Pros & Cons

  • Pro: The process is quick and easy and hassle free.
  • Con: It may be inappropriate for some work and educational environments
  • Pro: Very inexpensive... usually ranges any where from $10-$20 for installation.
  • Pro: You can style your feather extension how ever you'd like and you can wash it as well.
  • Con: Depending on hair type, the extensions may not lay as flat as you'd hope.

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