Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Geek Chic Cosmetics

Geek Chic Cosmetics

So I have been DYING to try this line out for a while and I finally did. One word: IMPRESSIVE. Its amazing what happens when you decide that drug stores, Sephora, MAC, and department stores aren't the only place to look for make up.   Deb from Geek Chic was kind enough to send me some samples and I purchased an eye shadow collection (Big Damn Heroes) as well as the eye shadow Scientist Salarian and Happy Ending Geek Gloss.  The make up is inspired by all things geeky. I mean they have an eye shadow collection called "10 Man Raid"!!!!!
Big Damn Heroes Collection & Scientist Salarian

Things you should know about Geek Chic:
  • All items are hand made! Amazing!!
  • All items are Vegan except for lip balms/lip sticks. Another plus!
  • This make up is geared towards sensitive/acne prone skin.
  • All items are cruelty free!!
  • Great range of colors... any thing from every day to cos play.
Swatch of all shadows sent to me/purchased

Swatch of Geek Gloss in Happy Ending
The colors are super pigmented!!  You also get a bang for your buck because a little goes a VERY long way. As far as staying power goes well... 3 hours later and I'm still looking at the swatches on my hand and they look just like the picture you see on the left. The lip gloss was very light and natural with a hint of sparkle which i rather prefer however from looking at the tube one might think otherwise. For the price you pay this is quite a deal!! I totally recommend it.

Over View
  • I give major props to Geek Chic Cosmetics. Its a great concept and it provides a great variety for different styles of make up.
  • The packaging is great and the product inside is even better!!  
  • Awesome as far as value. $4.99 per shadow. Most brands go for about $7-$18.
  • Good to the earth!! Hand made, cruelty free, & mostly Vegan!!!
sample bags.


  1. newbstick
    strawberry shortcake blush :)


  2. Hi! I'm cherriblossomily on youtube! I am in love with happy ending gloss and star power veil!

  3. newb and shifting sands!!! LOVE, ilovekylepeltz

  4. I'm amandamloveee!!!!! I LOVE NEWB AND MATRIACH!!!! THANKS SO MUCH

  5. I would love to try Little Albatross eyeshadow and also plum princess blush . Ellie

  6. This website is so creative! I love it, thanks for introducing it. 
    The products that I would love to try are the blushes; mainly:
    Nerdgasm and strawberry shortcake

    YouTube: xadaaaaa

  7. I would love to try:
    Captain Tightpants
    Inevitable Betrayal
    Once Bitten

  8. GodeiBlack from YouTube here... I would love to try:

    Viking King and Purity Burns eyeshadows.

  9. Hi there Kim! I would love to try the "Chewie" eyeshadow & "Nerdgasm" blush! Thanks,