Thursday, April 7, 2011

Do you believe in magic??

If you had a wand that could change ANYTHING... what would you change???

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It could be anything at all. :) Be honest!!  Remember to leave your Youtube username with your comment so I can put in your entry correctly.


1. Open to everyone!! All ages, world wide. If under 18 please ask parent/guardian if you can participate.
2. Give away ends April 21, 2011 11:59pm CST
3. You can only have 3 entries!! No exceptions.  1 entry as you tube comment to this video, 1 entry 
under correct blog post on, 1 entry as stated in  video on Be sure to leave your youtube user name for tumblr and blogspot entry.


  1. I would use my magic wand to help straighten my spine. I have scoliosis. YT: gokakyuno

  2. I would use this wand to help my family financially. We've lived in apartments our whole lives and we only buy used cars so if my family becomes ... MILLIONAIRES, then our lives would be sooooooo much better and there would be less conflicts. :D
    my youtube is xx0ink

  3. youtube: maplesweetie
    I want to use the wand to improve my vision. I'm practically blind without my glasses... and my glasses are so thick you have no idea. -_- its a pain.

  4. I would use the wand to make my grandmother healthy and strong.. I'll make her live up to 200 years old :D
    I love my grandma, she's like my best friend. No one compares to her. C:

    youtube user: loveme430

  5. ahhh i love this question!!! I would use it to give me a super power where i can read people's minds and feelings!! I really want to know what my crush thinks of me....
    utube = elliepuppet

  6. I would use the wand to just eliminate earthquakes... like POOF, earthquakes wont exist anymore... Its real scary when living somewhere and knowing that a fault is right underneath your home. :[
    Hopefully we don't have to follow ur blog! because i don't have one and making a blog means you have to have a gmail... im loyal to yahoo mail :D
    my youtube is kurroh

  7. I woud use my magic wand to simultaneously help everyone everywhere with whatever their greatest need was . It could happen.....if you believe ....

  8. i'm copying and pasting if thats ok (:

    this is kind of personal . . but i HATE when my feet get itchy and yuh know. you can't itch them. L0L it's one of my pet peeves. so this epic magic wand will itch my feet for me? idk. it will just make it go away ! im weird. k thnx again!!!

    sn: turtlesrulee

  9. youtube: dsouza191
    If i had a magic wand, I would wish there was love and only love all over the world... <3

  10. Hello !
    if i had a magic wand, i would remove the anger , the hate, in each person on earth !

    thanksss for this giveaway !
    shoutke (YT)

  11. youtube: nickaayanddhellcaats
    i would end animal cruelty with my wand.. AWESOME PRIZE!

  12. I would end all negativity within the world if it was ever possible i do wish there was world peace but it would take alot of work and effort but results will all be worthwhile this is elliecreation by the way =] xxx

  13. YT:Midgetunited
    I would change my weight.

  14. If I had a magic wand, I'd use it to bring my family back together. I haven't talked to my mother is 9 years, it would be nice to be able to have a perfect family again.

    TY username: StrawberryBabeh

  15. Hi I would use the wand to get rid of global warming and by doing that help polar bears and all of the other animals. crazygirlcanfly

  16. Said this on the video page and its the same here. I would use my magic wand to make my sister happy and healthy.

    yt: thejaymelee1

  17. Youtube: PhoebeBabey

    If I had a magic wand, I would make all of the countries that are less economically developed, more developed.

    I think it's unfair that we sit here, seeing all the young children going through poverty, and not eating for days on end!

    After watching Comic Relief (it's a fundraising event in the UK!) I've realised that just 30p can cure a child from having a terrible eye disease.

    On a happier note - Thanks for this contest Kimberly!

    xoxo, Phoebe

  18. I would use the wand to help LGBT Youth. LGBT Youth is 5 times more likely to commit suicide because of bullying. I would make it where no LGBT child is never bullied again.
    Youtube Username is CodyAndDaniel.

  19. World Peace..

  20. the change?
    I would stop world hatred and disagreements. ie, wars. my friend lost her dad to war. if our countries just got along, innocent people's life wouldn't be taken. YT Username: PinkStar910 thanks a bunch!

  21. I would use the wand to stop disease and sickness around the world. If people are healthier, their lives would be so much better off. ~dananeomagus

  22. If I had a magic wand, I would promote tolerance. I know I couldn't radically change someone's opinion even if I did have a magic wand, so the best I can do is promote it and educate people. It's sad that even though the Civil War is over, the issues (racism, etc.) are still continuous. <3

  23. I'm sorry! the "If I had a magic wand, I would promote tolerance. I know I couldn't radically change someone's opinion even if I did have a magic wand, so the best I can do is promote it and educate people. It's sad that even though the Civil War is over, the issues (racism, etc.) are still continuous. <3" is from "amandamloveee" Sorry!! :)

  24. If i had a magic wound i would use it to help my family to get a house and to be financially stable and to cure my ears.. I've been having surgery's on my ears since i was 4.

    Thank you
    My youtube name is Lovesbeingamommy

  25. I would use the magic wand to help pay bills for myself and family. So my parents would not have to struggle and so i would be debt free. LMAO if only there was such a thing. youtube: MauiBby

  26. If I had a magic wand I would want to make the world a better place by eliminating all of the violence, natural disasters, and diseases.

    YouTube account: xadaaaaa

  27. If I had a magic wand I would use it to be happy I think.. just to find a job that I love and have a little house with my boyfriend to build our family.. :)
    I'm kla505 on youtube :)

  28. If i had a magic wand i would wish for everybody in the world to be self-confident and not be insecure of their appearance so they can have a good self-esteem because we are all beautiful both inside and out even if we dont think so ourselves

    Youtube Username:LilLoka213