Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Using Accessories!

Tinley Road Bracelet
Isn't it gorgeous?? :) I must say that apart from shoes... jewelry is my weakness. The Tinley Road bracelet pictured above is a great piece to own not only because of its aesthetic appeal but because of its practicality. The bracelet's antique finish renders it useful to wear with a t-shirt or even an evening gown.  I love adding accessories to a look.  You can take any outfit and make it formal or even more casual with just one piece.  In fact, you can even take the same outfit and change out the necklace and shoes and look completely different.

Promises Promises V-Back Lace Dress - Black X LrgFor instance, take the black dress pictured right. What would you accessorize it with?  Well you can go either way with this one. You could make it very sexy, very elegant, or very edgy. :)  Pictured below are items you can throw on that would make this dress into 3 totally different looks.  All of the shoes pictured are from, the clutch and jewelry listed in sexy and edgy are from .
Pearl photo:  Cardigan photo: French Connection Bolero: French Connection Womens Maiden Leather Bolero Jacket, Black, 12

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