Sunday, October 10, 2010

L'oreal Infallible

So I was recently intrigued by this product and I decided to give it a try... well two tries. The first color I purchased was Eva's Caramel. I figured it looked good on Eva so it had to look good on me. Lies! This color looked totally awful on me.  However the name is very fitting!! Well the name of the product that is... it is rather infallible. I hated the color Eva's Caramel so much that I tried taking it off and it would not budge!!!  Four hours later I was eating a salad and it finally started rubbing off.  I pretty much had to exfoliate my lips to get the product off... which could be good and bad.  Anyway... lets just say my first experience was pretty awful but I did recognize that this product had potential so I decided to go with a more basic color that I would wear more often.  I ended up with the color Mulberry and the second time around I was bit more pleased.  Enough of color talk though... lets get down to the good and bad.

The Bad

  • The product is very dry. You just feel like you have dry lips the entire time its on.
  • The formula is sheer so you are able to see all of the creases in your lips. (Look at photo)
  • The product flakes when it begins to come off.

The Good
  • Its truly infallible. I doesn't come off at all. While drinking out of a water bottle and snacking over an 8 hour period it remained the same.
  • The applicator is oval shaped so you are able to get a more precise application. (See photo below)
  • The packaging is great. It keeps both lipcolor and top coat together.

All in all I think this product has potential. Its all about moisturizing before you put on the product and making sure you generously use the top coat!

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