Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fake Wound!

Okay so I got some inspiration on making wounds from Youtube user vintageortacky... this was my first attempt.

The rounded wound is the fake one.  My boyfriend was nice enough to be my guinea pig for the occasion. I used Coastal Scents 88 palette, clear mascara, and lash glue.

How to:
  1. Apply a thin coat of lash glue. Let it get tacky and begin shaping your wound. The more rigid... the more realistic.  
  2. Once you have a desired shape, take red eyeshadow and fill in the exposed section. Please be sure to get the edges very well.  
  3. Take a dark purple or browny/purple shade and go around the edges of exposed section.
  4. Take a yellowish green shadow and apply it to the outer edge of the "sore"... this will give it an infected look.  
  5. Apply clear mascara on the exposed portion. This will give the sore a fresh look.
Thats it!! I hope this helped.

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