Sunday, July 18, 2010

My favorite Youtube Gurus

They are in no particular order but my favorite make up youtube gurus are:

KandeeJohnson- She's super talented and is an actual make up artist!! She works on movies and her work is amazing. She has a lovely personality too. I love her because she does looks that anyone can do and then she still brings out the big guns with makeup looks inspired by characters in movies. Great guru!
Pixiwoo- These 2 sisters, Nic and Sam, are also professional make up artist that work more in the fashion industry. They do runway and fashion ads or shoots.  Their work is beautiful. They are both a delight to watch and are very thorough about what they do. Its a great free education.
MakeupbyTiffanyD- She is a Southern Belle!! I'm from the South so I just fell in love with her personality. I also really enjoy her videos because she caters to looks for every day make up. Since I dont really go to places that require wild make up; she gives me good inspiration to change up my everyday make up.
Bubzbeauty- She's so cute!! She's from Ireland and is super smart. I like watching her videos for tips! She''s very informative and she has a great sense of humor. She's a great source of info.
Panacea81- love love love her personality. She's so humble and funny. Her looks are usually based off of celebrities and she does a good job of mimicking their looks. It's very  helpful to watch her videos because she uses a wide variety of brands and she takes you step by step on how to apply make up.  I love it.

Check these ladies out on Youtube!!

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