Thursday, April 1, 2010

Suede Shoes during Spring

Yes... it's a bit alarming.  A winter/fall material during Spring??  Well if you are a little skeptical it's okay because most people are.  The key to wearing suede shoes during the spring is to make sure you have the right colors, detail and that you pair up your shoes with something light.

Reasons to embrace Suede during Spring
  • The colors are to die for. Suede material tends to achieve a more true, vibrant color. Leather is harder to work with as far color goes so suede has a major advantage over it.
  • Comfort!! Suede stretches a bit quicker so if you have wide feet suede is your friend!!!
  • Price.  Suede tends to be a less expensive material to work with even though its still leather. Most suede shoes will be cheaper in price and still have a very expensive look.
  • Design.  Since suede is easier to manipulate you will have the options in style.  Ruffles and flowers look so much better in suede. It just looks more dainty. 

Now instead of the usual leather, linen, or canvas wedge you can throw on fabulous pastel colored suede shoes and get an even dressier look. Take this Joan and David pump... its a beautiful turquoise color.  However, its closed toe and suede... usually qualities that a winter/fall shoe would possess. In this case however, you can wear it during spring.  Besides the color it has a very feminine ruffle on the top.  Ruffles are most definitely a springy touch.  You can make a dress more formal by wearing these and still keep it light.  It's perfect for spring.
Joan & David Collection Women's Demille Pump,Turqoise Suede,8.5 M US

So now we find ourselves with the epitome of a spring/summer shoe that has fall like characteristics. This style by Steve Madden is the perfect shoes to ease your way into suede during the spring. There is no doubt in anyone's mind that this shoe was made for warmer weather even though its black, studded, and suede. This is a good casual shoe. You could wear this during the day with shorts or jeans and still get that spring feel with an edge.  The whole time you are wearing these it won't even cross your mind that you are suede during spring. :)
Sultre by Steve Madden and more great shoes!!

This shoe is one of my favorites. It's super springy and so feminine! This to me is the reason why suede should remain a staple during spring.  Look at the color. It's a beautiful soft, warm pink.  Something colored in that fashion in canvas or leather would not look nearly as good.  Also the ruffles are beautiful. What can I say... I'm in love. If this shoe doesn't prove my point I'm not sure what will.  It's a great spring shoe that is suede... simple enough!! :)
Search for pink suede pumps

Just remember ladies don't' forget to spray you shoes down with suede protector!!

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