Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sonia Kashuk Deluxe Travel Brush Set

When I began to wear makeup regularly I turned to Sonia Kashuk for makeup brushes.  The price was very reasonable and the brushes had a good reputation.  Since then, my brushes have been changed out to Bobbi Brown, Lauder, and other random brands. Yesterday I was feeling a bit nostalgic and was roaming around Target... and there it was the cosmetics section.  I saw an 8 piece brush travel set from Sonia Kashuk that came with a cute little case.  It was only $20... it came home with me.  I feel that now that I have more experience with other brush brands that I can give a pretty unbiased review about Sonia Kashuk brushes.  So here it goes....

For $20 you get 8 brushes... thats $2.50 a brush.  Thats a really good price!  So for $2.50  you get a brush that would probably be sold separately from another brand at around $15 each. Now keep in mind this is a travel set so the brushes will be shorter than the original size but the brushes are still a nice length. I think she sells her regular sized brushes anywhere from $6-$15. As far as quality of the brush goes, you do get a better quality than what you are paying for.  The brushes are soft yet dense.  So there are tons of bristles but its still flexible enough to give a good application.  Yes, there will most definitely be fall out but even my Bobbi Brown brushes had some fall out when I first got them.

In the package you get 1 blush brush, 3 flat eye shadow brushes, 1 concealer brush, 1 angled brush, 1 lip brush and 1 eyebrow brush.  The brushes have a flat handle which is a little weird to get used to but comfortable. They also are very light weight. The eyeshadow brushes are great for loose powder because of the way they are shaped and they are also good for packing on color.  I actually have found myself reverting to these brushes when applying eyeshadow.

All in all I would say that this is a great set for someone who is just starting out in makeup or someone on a budget.  There are better brands out there but with Sonia Kashuk you get a quality item with very little impact on your wallet.  On a scale of 1 to 10... based on quality, value, looks... this brush set gets a solid 8.  So if you are in the market for some brushes and aren't sure what you want and don't want to spend too much money this is the perfect set to get.

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