Monday, April 5, 2010

Kat Von D


Rosary Lipstick
True Romance Palette-
Metal Orchestra

I'm a pretty average girl but if I had enough guts I would attempt my hardest to be as cool as Kat Von D. :) I think she is so gorgeous!  Well long ago when I heard about her coming out with a line at Sephora I was super pumped.  I never really got around to getting any of her stuff until now!  I bought the lipstick Rosary probably 5 months ago and I recently purchased the Metal Orchestra palette.  I can honestly say that although I will sparingly wear the products that I bought... I definitely don't regret it. There is a full swatch at the end!

Painted Love Lipstick in Rosary
First things first... the picture at the top that shows the lipstick + palette is a more accurate photo.  This one came out a little too bright!  The shade that I bought was Rosary.  It's a matte, super deep, burgundy. It's creamy and the staying power is pretty nice.  This shade is definitely vampy!  I think this looks great with a naked eye with a winged liner.  It's just one of those colors that you want to wear when you are feeling daring. I would recommend this lipstick for people with medium to darker skin tones.  It may flush you out if you are a little on the pale side.  However, if that is the look you are going for than this is your golden ticket. 

True Romance EyeShadow Palette in Metal Orchestra

In general, the colors are pretty pigmented and are very appealing. In the palette only 2 are shimmers and that is Techno and Dagger.  All of the colors are satiny with dash of shimmer except for lucifer... that one is matte. Slayer is a metallic, cream shadow and it has a very nice texture and pigmentation is wonderful.  I would most definitely wear a primer with these.  Also, when working with these colors I would save foundation for last!  The fall out is pretty bad.

1. First Class- Frosty White
2. Techno- Royal Blue with silver shimmer.
3. Thrasher- Medium Blue (applies dark)
4. Dagger- Beautiful Navy with Blue Shimmer

5. Lucifer- matte charchoal (applies lighter)
6. Glock- Gunmetal (super pigmented)
7. Razor Gray- very light gray (applies lighter)
8. Slayer- Metallic Silver Cream Shadow

My favorites are First Class, Dagger, Glock, Razor Gray and Slayer!!

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  1. First class looks good. Rosary looks way too dark for my liking though.