Monday, February 22, 2010

Bobby Long- Artists of the Month

Bobby Long

Bobby Long... where do I begin??  Well let's just say that he's a great British musician with a lot of soul and talent!  To my knowledge he hasn't been signed to a record company yet but he's someone to keep an eye out for because he's got potential to do something great! I'm hoping Phil (his manager) does something to soon to help Bobby get signed and promoted more. I'm not going to even mention how he got into spotlight because that constantly overshadows his musical talent.  He is very bluesy and folk. His music makes you want to sit back and watch life happen.  Every time I feel like forgetting about everything in life, I just give him a listen and I feel more relaxed. 

I've seen Bobby live twice.  I saw him last August and this past December.  In August he had a show with his friend Marcus Foster (Go check him out!! Also great) in Austin, Texas... it was amazing. Then I saw him in my hometown (New Orleans) in December. Again a phenomenal show.  I will have links to Bobby's and Marcus' MySpace and then I have videos on Youtube of Bobby's performance in New Orleans (the videos are sideways...sorry!). Bobby puts up tour dates and regularly puts up new music on his page.

Favorite Songs: "Who Have You Been Loving" "The Borough Mill" "Sad Woman Blues" "Left to Lie"

Bobby Long- MySpace 
Short Video- Bobby Long A Passing Tale 
Video- Bobby Long talking about Cracker Barrel 
Marcus Foster MySpace (Check Out Video of Bobby and Marcus on there) 

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