Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kim's Artist of the Month

Every month I will be featuring an artist that I recommend you check out! I will link you to their myspace accounts so that you can check out their music since I haven't quite figured out how to do that on here yet. Anyway, my very first Artist of the Month is Chester French. These guys are so rad. They kinda sound like the Beatles mixed with who knows what but are definitely unique. Most people say that they have a hip hop sound to them but I really don't think they do. They are definitely a band to check out. My favorite songs on their album are "The Jimmy Choos," "People," and "Bebe Beull." If you really really like them you can actually sign up on their website for their VIP Conceirge Service and you get a free mixtape album sent to you (Nerd Girl is on there and that's totally my theme song). These guys are so cool! It also doesn't hurt that I'm absolutely in love with D.A. (The red head... he's so cute). Check them out!!!

Official Site
MySpace- Chester French
Video to "She Loves Everybody"

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