Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Review on Lush products!

So I was a little iffy about using lush products because I figured it was another fad that was going around and that I just wasn't going to use it blah, blah. Well, I went to the mall and boom there it was and I just gave in. I purchased Dark Angels Cleanser, Grease Lightning, Up you Gets Emotibomb, and Dreamwash. My thoughts... well

Dark Angels cleanser... ABSOLUTELY LOVE!
Grease Lightning... it does work well but I do find that it makes my skin feel like i have a mask on at first. It just feels like I'm wearing something when I put it on. Otherwise, I think its something definitely worth trying.
Up You Gets Emotibomb- I only chunked off a little piece when I first used it and though I smelled the aroma... it just wasn't enough. This is something that I would say you need at least half of it to get a good sense of the product. It is super citrusy from what I could tell. :)
Dreamwash- Okay, okay so I'm not too thrilled about this one but I will give it sometime. The calamine lotion gives it a weird smell and it feels my skin feeling a little odd... I don't know maybe with some prolonged usage I will see some results. :) Don't hesitate to moisturize after using this product because it leaves you with a dry feelinjg.

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