Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Betsey Johnson's New Jewelry

I'm totally excited about Betsey Johnson's new jewelry collection! I have been trying to stay away from her stuff for a while because I was buying way too many pieces and I only wear about 30% of the things that I have purchased from her. However, today I was shopping around online and I absolutely must get this necklace!!
I'm going to have to purchase this!! I absolutely love it! A lot of her new stuff has a python hearts on them (tres cute! btw). Definitely something to check out. All of her jewelry is really fun and funky! Every time I wear one of her necklaces I get so many compliments. Her necklaces range from 35-150. I think the one that I want is $50. So go check her out if you haven't already at www.betseyjohnson.com She is one of my absolute favorite jewelry designers!

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